Our training hotel welcomes international and local guests. The unique hybrid business model provides a real-life learning experience to unemployed youth, and the opportunity for our guests to actively participate in the sustainable economic development of a country. With a view to optimizing the hospitality sector in India, The Bodhgaya Hotel School combines a social and customer driven strategy with an international learning environment.

In Bihar, one of India’s poorest States, the growing and labour-intensive hotel industry contrasts with the high rate of unemployment among youth. Thanks to the flourishing hospitality sector, an opportunity has come forward to associate training with a self-sustainable Hotel School that provides youth with the skills needed for employability on the hotel market in India.

By connecting students directly with guests, we combine a proven curriculum with a learning platform that allows our trainees to deliver high quality service to our customers. The Bodhgaya Hotel School maximizes economic and social benefits for all stakeholders and invites guests to participate in a unique experience.