Our Board

Ms Rekha Masilamani,
Secretary of Agragami

Rekha Masilamani is a well-known public health expert and independent development consultant. Thanks to her many years in the field, she has acquired the in-depth knowledge and built up the necessary network to guide this project to success.

Hélène Bayeux,
Executive Director of IFPD

Hélène Bayeux is the executive director of the International Foundation for Population and Development (IFPD), Geneva (Switzerland). She is in charge of developing IFPD’s strategy and mission to sustainably lift women and youth out of poverty through an integrated approach combining actions on health, education, and social entrepreneurship. She coordinates development projects in India, Nepal and Switzerland, and creates g partnerships with the public sector, academic actors, and private organizations.

Olivier Beiner,
Coordinator of EHLsmile

Olivier Beiner worked as a project manager for several decades and opened luxury hotels in the Maldives, Sierra Leone, Comoros, Kenya and Morocco. The vast experience he acquired positions M. Beiner as a specialist in hospitality establishments in challenging environments. As a member of the EHLsmile association, he volunteers to carry out hotel industry training in disadvantaged countries.