Hotel-School Concept

What is unique about TBHS is that the school is embedded in a fully operating hotel. The focus of the TBHS programme is on practical skill development of students through working in the hotel. Students are guided by instructors, with experience in excellent hospitality institutions, to correctly execute hotel operating processes. 25% of student time is devoted to theoretical class-room work, and 75% to skill development. From day one onwards, students are exposed to the guests of the hotel. They take ownership of hotel operations and are given the responsibility of helping to manage the business and ensure guest satisfaction. Over the course of twelve months, as they gradually master their work, students become confident and independent.

Upon graduation, students will have a thorough understanding of various hotel departments, have learned to be hard-working, and be able to provide high-quality services. Not only is TBHS’ on-the-job learning approach highly valued by future employers, but it also gives students the knowledge and skill-set needed to become micro entrepreneurs and eventually lead their own businesses.

Upon successful completion of the 12-month programme, graduates will be awarded a Certificate in Hotel Operations or in Food Production by EHLsmile, an organization of the world’s leading hospitality management school, the École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), Switzerland. Being the oldest hotel school in the world, EHL has developed a reputation of excellence that is known all over the globe. In 1996, a group of EHL students with a vision to pass on the acquired knowledge to developing countries has founded EHLsmile. EHLsmile is known for providing quality hospitality training in developing countries around the world. Since its inauguration, the organisation has opened training centres in 8 countries. Due to the success of this model, this number continues to grow. In 2017, The Bodhgaya Hotel School opened its doors to India’s youth.