The Institute


Current Students

Ashish Kumar, 20 – Hotel Operations Student

He proved to be a hard worker who understands the importance of organization behind the scene. Ashish is eager to learn and is committed to what he does. He has three brothers and one sister, and is the son of a local farmer of Bodhgaya. His family got expanded by his recent marriage to which he kindly invited his fellow students and instructors. While he is not at school or caring for his family, he enjoys a game of basketball with his friends. Before joining TBHS, he completed the +2 examination and ever since his graduation has been seeking for a way to launch a professional career. Through training at The Bodhgaya Hotel School, he found an opportunity to acquire the skills needed for a successful career in the hospitality industry. His goal is to become a housekeeping supervisor in one of Bodhgaya’s many hotels.

Rohit Kumar, 19 – Food Production Student

His dishes are not only appreciated by our guests, but also by his fellow students and staff during team lunches. Besides his cooking skills, he brings the right attitude to the workplace. Rohit has successfully passed +2 examination. He grew up in his uncle’s custody, who is a local businessman. Rohit’s ultimate goal is to open his own school; he already generously promised discounts for the future kids of his fellow classmates. Rohit prefers to spend his leisure time inside with board games, his favorites being ludo and carombole.

Nidhi Priya, 21 – Hotel Operations Student

Nidhi comes from a big village called Mocharim, and is the daughter of a local farmer there. After completing +2 examination, she is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree through a correspondance course besides her course at TBHS. Nidhi was already familiar with the NGO Agragami India. She participated in the sewing course offered by the organization to promote female entrepreneurship. With her strong willpower, she learns quickly and proved to be very reliable. This motivated young woman lives her passion for the hospitality industry and chases her dream of becoming a receptionist.

Yenugula Ramesh, 24 – Hotel Operations Student

Ramesh has been called “John” since he was at school. He comes from a small village called Rattibigha where he successfully passed class 10. He holds a strong connection to the orphanage in which he grew up to become an energetic young man. Prior to starting his course at TBHS, he gave English classes to the children of the orphanage. Today, he is the proud father of a two-year-old and a loving husband to his wife that he met at the orphanage. At school, his biggest asset is his open and communicative spirit towards guests and fellow classmates. He knows how to identify their needs, and is happy to accommodate every wish. His goal in life is to open his own orphanage, for which his hospitality skills will come in handy.

Ashish Kumar, 19 – Hotel Operations Student

He grew up as a farmer’s son in the closeby city of Gaya. The same name is not the only thing he has in common with his classmate Ashish Kumar. He as well was raised with three brothers and one sister. Before attending TBHS, Ashish has passed the +2 examination. If you want to know the latest cricket scores, just ask Ashish, he is able to inform you about them in detail. Besides cricket, his heart is also beating for the hospitality sector. He is seeking to pursue an international career in the hotel industry. Ashish is not only appreciated by external guests, but also by his classmates and instructors. He is a real pleasure to work with, always smiling and motivated. Whenever there is a guest or student in need, he is there to help.