Our Approach

The Current Situation

With the lowest per capita income, Bihar is the poorest State in India. Young people are faced with the struggle to earn enough to make a reasonable living for themselves and their families. Employment opportunities in Bihar and the rest of India are growing. However, young people cannot find employment unless they are educated and adequately trained. Unfortunately, opportunities for learning and vocational training in Bihar are limited. As a result, only around two young people out of every 1,000 are trained for employment. The Bodhgaya Hotel School provides affordable and high-quality vocational training to young people who are unable to complete 10 years of school. It guarantees employment to young people and secures a future workforce for the Indian hospitality sector.

The hospitality industry in Bihar and its employment potential

The Indian hospitality industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the Indian service sector. The hospitality industry is all about taking care of people’s accommodation, food, and travel needs when they are away from home. People trained in hospitality services are able to seek employment in a variety of organizations such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, resorts, and industrial catering including educational institutions, hospitals, and the Government. Trained professionals can also be employed by airline agencies, arrange events such as parties and conferences, make travel arrangements and provide transport services, serve as tourist guides and much more. There are many businesses and thus a great deal of opportunities to find employment awaiting our students.

Hotel School Model

Our model focuses on customer-oriented training and service excellence.

By connecting students directly with guests, we combine a proven curriculum with a real-life learning platform that allows our trainees to deliver high-quality service to our customers. The Bodhgaya Hotel School (TBHS) maximizes economic and social benefits for all stakeholders and invites guests to participate in a unique experience.

This innovative approach of hospitality training intends to meet all stakeholders’ expectations from young adults seeking employment to responsible travellers, and professional partners. It involves many different actors of the value chain, including hotels, tour operators, development agencies, and the Indian Government. Moreover, it creates local service excellence by mixing Indian culture with international standards allowing guests to dive into a true indigenous experience while feeling at home.

The objectives of TBHS are therefore manifold:

  • Enable the young to receive professional training and to successfully integrate the labour market;
  • Supply quality staff to hotels and contribute to the professionalization of hospitality services in India;
  • Offer guests the opportunity to actively participate in the sustainable economic development of Bihar.